Veterinary radiology, veterinary orthopedics Bucharest

The Dr. Bercaru clinic provides radiology and medical imaging services in a warm and modern ambience, providing complex patient care services and equipment for radiology and ultrasound investigations.

The quality of the medical care: imaging, lab tests, dermatology, surgery, make the Dr. Bercaru Clinic a full-fledged medical facility.

The desire to provide quality services has led to their expansion, and this aspect is just a first step towards achieving the highest degree of medical quality.

Equipped with state of the art medical equipment, our clinic helps both specialists in establishing a diagnosis quickly and correctly, as well as patients, helping them maintain their health in the best possible shape.

Our clinic is at your disposal, with modern imaging methods for a complex diagnosis of the suffering of your beloved pet.

The Bucharest-based Dr. Bercaru Vet Clinic was founded in early 2013 in an effort to meet patient needs for advanced medical services, provided in a professional, warm environment.

Our medical services are conducted in a building divided and finished according to European standards in assuring comfort for both patients, and permanent staff and collaborators.

The operating block contains an operating room and a post-op with individual consoles for medical fluids and monitoring.

The building is protected and continuously monitored by a security company minimizing the risk of unforeseen events through installed systems and human factors.

Our services are provided through new, performing, high-end medical equipment, made by renowned companies.

We assure vital function monitoring, both intra- and post-operative, in all conditions, thanks to our autonomy. Patient surgical stress is diminished by medication received, our care for the patient, and the love with which we watch over.

The safety of surgical procedures and anesthesia is ensured by brand, internationally approved anesthetic equipment.

The latest facilities, the medical team and experience in this field allow us to perform various surgical procedures of high dificulty, with minimal risks for the patient, and with brief hospitalization.