A good veterinarian is the one who inspires confidence!

Professional competency

A good veterinarian is the one who knows how to heal!

State-of-the-art equipment

A good veterinarian is the one to diagnose, investigate and treat!

The experience

A good veterinarian is the one who knows how to interpret the results of the tests and put a correct diagnosis!

The Difference is the Doctor!

“I can’t think of any reason why I would want to be a surgeon, but I can think about 1000 reasons why I could quit.

This job is hard for a purpose. There is life in our hands.

There comes a time when it’s more than a game and we either make a step forward, or we turn back.

We could quit, but this is where the greatness of things lies…

I like the playground. So trust us in taking this step together.”

Dr. Nicolae Bercaru


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A great team of professionals who really want to help! I arrived at the doctor's clinic because of a recommendation with a kitty in a critical condition after a car accident that left her with multiple basal and pituitary fractures. The doctor, along with his team, managed to put her feet just a few days after surgery. These people really do miracles and I recommend them with warmth !!
Much respect and congratulations for everything you do! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


A truly professional team. Years ago I came to Dr. Bercaru by chance, a happy event for the future. And since then, our "family" doctor has remained. I highly recommend this clinic, especially one of the best surgeons we have in the country today.


A team of beautiful people !!! thanks to Dr. Bercaru my soul goes again we have a lot of work but today at 14 days from surgery we are good !!! Oscar will thank you for being!


An exceptional doctor. I have a rott and only Mr. Bercaru found the right treatment
how many times I needed. There are many cabinets, but the difference is done by the doctor.
I strongly recommend Doctor Bercaru Clinic for all problems.